UK Bank Holidays 2024

Public holidays also known as Bank holiday. UK Bank Holidays can vary slightly depending on the region, but generally, there are eight recognized bank holidays across the country. Eight bank holidays are observed annually in the United Kingdom, offering chances for celebration, leisure, and rest. Though there could be some regional differences in how they are honored, these bank holidays are observed across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Here’s an overview of each UK bank holiday:

New Year’s Day (January 1st): New Year’s Day marks the beginning of the Gregorian calendar year. It is a time for celebration and reflection, often accompanied by parties, fireworks, and family gatherings. Many people make New Year’s resolutions as they look forward to the year ahead.

bank holidays 2024

bank holidays 2024

Good Friday: Good Friday is a Christian feast honoring Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It is celebrated with church services, processions, and other somber events on the Friday before Easter Sunday. For many people, it is a day of reflection and prayer.

Easter Monday: Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday and is part of the Easter holiday weekend. It is a time for family gatherings, Easter egg hunts, and other festive activities. In some regions, there are traditional events such as egg-rolling competitions or parades.

Early May Bank Holiday (first Monday in May): This bank holiday is a celebration of the beginning of spring and is often associated with May Day festivities. It is a time for outdoor activities, festivals, and maypole dancing. In some areas, there are traditional customs such as crowning a May Queen or Morris dancing.

Spring Bank Holiday (last Monday in May): The Spring Bank Holiday is a time for people to enjoy the warmer weather and longer days. It is often associated with outdoor pursuits such as picnics, barbecues, and trips to the seaside. Many communities hold events and festivals to mark the occasion.

Summer Bank Holiday (last Monday in August): The Summer Bank Holiday marks the end of the summer season and provides people with one last chance to enjoy outdoor activities before the onset of autumn. It is a popular time for vacations, festivals, and sporting events.

Christmas Day (December 25th): Christmas Day is a Christian holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time for religious observance, gift-giving, and festive meals with family and friends. Many people attend church services and participate in traditions such as decorating Christmas trees and exchanging presents.

Boxing Day (December 26th): Boxing Day is traditionally associated with charitable giving and service to others. It is also a time for sports, particularly horse racing and football matches. In recent years, it has become a popular day for shopping, with many stores offering sales and discounts.

These bank holidays provide opportunities for people in the UK to relax, spend time with loved ones, and participate in cultural and religious traditions throughout the year.

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Upcoming UK bank holidays

Bank Holidays 2024
Date Day of the week Bank holiday
29 March Friday Good Friday
1 April Monday Easter Monday
6 May Monday Early May bank holiday
27 May Monday Spring bank holiday
26 August Monday Summer bank holiday
25 December Wednesday Christmas Day
26 December Thursday Boxing Day
Bank Holidays 2025
Date Day of the week Bank holiday
1 January Wednesday New Year’s Day
18 April Friday Good Friday
21 April Monday Easter Monday
5 May Monday Early May bank holiday
26 May Monday Spring bank holiday
25 August Monday Summer bank holiday
25 December Thursday Christmas Day
26 December Friday Boxing Day
Bank Holidays 2026
Date Day of the week Bank holiday
1 January Thursday New Year’s Day
3 April Friday Good Friday
6 April Monday Easter Monday
4 May Monday Early May bank holiday
25 May Monday Spring bank holiday
31 August Monday Summer bank holiday
25 December Friday Christmas Day
28 December Monday Boxing Day (substitute day)

If a bank holiday is on a weekend, a ‘substitute’ weekday becomes a bank holiday. Information collected from website and for more details please the visit the gov website link.

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